Tips To Avoid Slip And Fall Accidents At Work

Slippery floors pose one of the greatest health hazards to employees by exposing them to frequent slip and fall accidents. An alarming number of cases are reported every year both from domestic homes and work places. Though people often overlook the issue as common and ordinary, it actually requires serious consideration owing to the level of harm it incurs. We bring you some simple tips to prevent slip and fall accidents at work:

Spot out risky areas: Whether you notice it or not, there are certain areas in your office that pose higher risks of slip and fall. It is utmost necessary to identify these risky areas and take required action at the earliest chance. Once the slip spots are found, choose appropriate anti-slip products to increase the slip resistivity.

Lay the mats and carpets properly: Carpets and rugs give an aesthetic touch to your interior decor. Yet at times these can be hazardous especially when these clutter up places forming lumps and bumps. There are chances that you stumble on them and incur serious injuries. So, take care these are spread out properly with no stumbling or slipping dangers.


Use anti-slip flooring techniques: Problems of slippery floors can be easily tackled with the right use of anti-slip flooring methods. Rubber flooring is the most convenient method of preventing slip and fall accidents. Available in a variety of designs and colors, rubber flooring is mark resistive and extremely easy to clean. Epoxy and abrasive vinyl flooring are other alternative methods to avoid such accidents.

Treat bad lighting if any: Keep a regular check on the lighting arrangements of your office. See that the stairs and rooms are well lighted to prevent any slip and fall accident. Monitor the person in charge of the lighting and ensure that he or she does their work properly.

Choose the right shoes: Irrespective of how slip resistive your floors are, you may still face accidents owing to your ill-fitting shoes. Take care you choose the shoes with the best grip. Comfort and security should not take a backseat at the cost of style.

Secure loose wires and cables: Ensure that cables and wires are not lying loose anywhere that increases the chance of tripping. Use sign posts to inform about the trailing cables to make people walk with care.

Train the staff: Proper knowledge and awareness of the gravity of the issue is a must for better prevention of slip and fall accidents. Conduct regular training sessions for the employees and inform them of the seriousness of the issue. Inspire the employees to clean the spills as and when they happen. Educate them to dispose of waste in the dustbin instead of throwing them on the aisles or stairs.

Keep office clean: A dry and clean office is one of the most beneficial ways of preventing slip and fall accidents. Spread water-proof carpets on the slippery floors and ensure regular maintenance of the office to see free and safe movement of the employees.

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