Sports Supplements A Guide To Natural Energy Drinks

Sports supplements – A guide to Natural Energy drinks


Narottam Kumbhar

Sports supplements: A guide to Natural Energy drinks

When you step into a Quick Stop searching for natural energy sports drinks, you come across a variety of energy drinks that are not an appropriate energy drink for athletes. You should know what benefits or harm they offer and how they are to be used.

The main purpose of having sports nutrition drinks is to provide carbohydrate in an absorbable form in order to stay active during rigorous exercises. The secondary use is that it helps in refueling your muscles after you are done with exercise when it is not possible to get adequate amounts of carbohydrates and vitamins in the form of snacks or meals.

Most of these natural energy sports drinks contain combination of slower releasing chain sugars and fast releasing simple sugars to provide quick acting substance. It helps in increasing your blood sugar which in turn aids in keeping your muscles fueled.

The three most common sugars are:

Glucose: A sweet-tasting sugar, which is rapidly and easily absorbed into your bloodstream.


Maltodextrin: This is readily absorbed but is a less sweet tasting glucose. It helps in maintaining a sustained blood sugar.

Fructose: This is a simple sugar that is derived from fruit sugar. When combined with glucose, it helps in delivering carbohydrates to working muscles faster.


In addition to water and carbohydrate, many Natural Sports Energy Drinks now come with electrolyte minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium, chloride and potassium.

There are three reasons why an electrolyte-mineral-containing drink is better than water alone.

Continuous sweating could lead to a significant loss of mineral and particularly sodium which is linked with side effects like cramping. If you drink formulation that does not contain electrolyte minerals for a long time it will dilute the electrolyte concentration minerals in your blood and impair normal physiological processes.

Drinks that contain electrolyte, particularly sodium, can stimulate your thirst.

When electrolyte minerals like sodium are present in standard concentrations, the fluid absorption rate from small intestine to the rest of your body is enhanced.

Benefits of consuming natural energy drink

If you are a sportsperson, it is important for you to consume standard amounts of carbohydrates for your muscles. The reasons for this are:

Carbohydrates are more oxygen efficient than your fat. It sends out more energy for the muscle contraction per molecule of oxygen from air that you breathe, than when the fat is oxidized. It is important because the oxygen supply for working muscles is not unlimited.

Carbohydrates unlike protein and fat can be broken down rapidly without oxygen through a process called glycolysis to give huge amounts of additional energy during intense and heavy training. The additional route of energy provided by carbohydrates is important for an athlete for maximum performance.

Who can benefit from natural energy drinks

Even after having a good amount of carbohydrate diet, huge amounts of training that last for several hours or more could make it difficult to sufficiently restore your muscle glycogen. Natural energy drinks aid better performance. In reality this helps athletes such as swimmers, runners, cyclists, soccer players, baseball players, rowers and the like.

To find the right Natural Sports Energy Drinks you need to look for the one that has a combination of carbohydrate blend, electrolyte minerals, vitamins and other nutrients and taste.

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