Rubber Flooring And Ice Hockey Rings A Marriage Made In Heaven?}

Rubber Flooring and Ice Hockey Rings – A Marriage Made in Heaven?


Ever tried to walk on a hard ground wearing ice skates? Maybe you think when you have been to the ice rink that you have walked on hard flooring, but take a closer look and you will notice that the floor is actually made of rubber.

There are many good reasons for this:

Hard wood flooring would be terribly slippery to walk on in ice skates and so for an ice hockey team it would mean that there are more injuries caused off of the ice, possibly causing your team valuable matches.


Interlocking Rubber Floor tiles and also Rubber flooring rolls is one of the hardest wearing floors known to man. Unlike carpets and wood flooring rubber flooring is pretty much indestructible. This means that when the ice hockey teams are trooping around the stadium they won’t damage the flooring, cause any injuries to themselves or others by falling over ripped parts of flooring.

Every part of the ice rink needs to be covered by rubber flooring. This is for health and safety as it is difficult to walk easily around the arena and falls and trips are likely to happen. Not only does the rubber flooring make balance when walking on the hard surfaces, but if you are to rip and fall, the rubber flooring means you are less likely to injure yourself.

Rubber flooring for ice rinks comes in two different thicknesses. 12mm by 18mm and 120mm by 2440mm. The choice in depth allows for you to protect the area that gets the majority of traffic.

In addition to the safety and durability that Interlocking Rubber Floor tiles and also Rubber flooring rolls offers, it also comes in a variety of colours and effects. This means that as well as your hockey rink being safe, you can ensure that the rink is still stylish making sure that the team spirit is still high.

These interlocking rubber floor tiles and also the rubber flooring rolls can be manufactured in the Ice Hokey club’s colour and also feature the corporate Logo of the club or its Sponsors, so the colours and design choices are huge.

Rubber flooring is economical, hard wearing and easy to maintain. Keeping an ice rink maintained to a high standard is very difficult as the traffic is heavy on certain areas. Also many of the areas become dirty with litter, spillages and generally being used.

Interlocking Rubber Floor tiles and Rubber flooring rolls are great as it is easy to clean and any spillages are not absorbed through the flooring and so rotting, causing smell and damage the flooring meaning that cleaning can be done in super quick time.

Ice hockey rings and rubber flooring is a match made in heaven and the ice rink would struggle to maintain its appearance without the rubber flooring. Most modern ice rings do now use rubber flooring due to their brilliant endurance qualities and the fact that it is eco friendly. Rubber flooring can be made from recycled rubber and once it has past its long life as a floor, it can be recycled once again.

This clearly demonstrates how Rubber flooring rolls and hockey ice rings are a match made in heaven.

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Rubber Flooring and Ice Hockey Rings – A Marriage Made in Heaven?