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Blackpool is commonly considered to be the quintessential British beachfront resort . For over a hundred years the town has become attracting visitors in huge numbers, so what makes them choose Blackpool instead of other resorts ? The answer can be found in the extraordinary array of amenities and things to do in the town . Here is an introductory guide to the major Blackpool tourist attractions .

Until the middle of the 19th century, Blackpool remained what it had been since the Middle Ages : an insignificant village on the low lying Lancashire coast . Nevertheless , the growth of the UK railway system was the catalyst in turning Blackpool bit by bit into the seaside holiday town we know today. Development accelerated in the second half of the 19th century, and it is this period that has bequeathed us a number of Blackpools most iconic attractions .


If you ask peoples to name things they typically associate with a seaside town in the United Kingdom, an ornate Victorian pier would come high on the list . Sadly , many of these fantastic old structures have not survived , but Blackpool is unique in still having three integral 19th 100 piers. The oldest and longest of the three is the North Pier, designed by the noted pier designer Eugenius Birch, and opened in 1863. Next to be constructed was the Central Pier, which opened in 1868. In the end , in 1893, came the South Pier. All three Blackpool piers are open to visitors and offer a variety of rides, amusements and refreshments , as well as delightful sea views.

Probably the number one attraction in Blackpool, and the single thing most keyed out with the town is the legendary Blackpool Tower. In 1889, the then Mayor , John Bickerstaffe, inflicted Paris and was enormously affected by the brand new Eiffel Tower. He became determined that Blackpool should have something along the same lines, and so it came to be that in 1894 the 518 ft tall Blackpool Tower was opened . Arguably the building of the Tower was the most significant outcome in cementing Blackpools status as a holiday town. To this day thousands of tourers chitchat the far famed Tower Ballroom, or climb all the way to the top of the Tower to admire the view. But more than what it represents in terms of sightseeing , the Tower is greeted worldwide as the most distinctive symbol of Blackpool.

Last we come to two more attractions that are synonymous with Blackpool, and which upgrade it far above the also rans of second grade seaside recourses . These are the Illuminations, and the Pleasure Beach. In 1879, there was the first occurrence of the annual Illuminations, billed at the time as Artificial Sunshine. At that time, electric lights were a new aesthesis and a bare eight bulbs were sufficient to baffle the crews . Since then, the Illuminations have grown, such that the lights go for six miles along the seafront, using more than a million light bulbs. The Illuminations flow from Sep to November .

The modern giant of Blackpool tourist attractions is the Pleasure Beach. Dating back to the 1900s, this amusement park has grown over the twelvemonths and is currently the most chitchatted such attraction in the UK, as well as being listed in the top twenty for the whole world.

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