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Are you going to be a tenant or are you already one? Do you know how important it is to master the landlord tenant law? If you want a smooth and trouble-free tenancy, then you need to be familiar with all the legal right and duties that both the tenant and landlord have nowadays. For instance, if you are a property owner or manager, it is important for your to be well versed about the landlord tenant law because you have a number of responsibilities as a landlord and it is very important that you carry them out. Moreover, knowing this law will help you understand what your tenant s rights are so you will not carelessly exploit them and they, too, will not treat you unjustly.

As a landlord, do you have rights and responsibilities?

As someone who is receiving compensation in form of rental payment form the tenant, you have the responsibility to keep the rental property in a favourable condition, that is habitable and complying with all the housing, building and health codes stated in the law. Should there be repairs and maintenance checks and procedures that the rental property require, the landlord should respond to the request of the tenant within reasonable time.

When the landlord wishes to enter the rental property at any given time, he should first give, at least, a 24-hour notice. Also, these purposes should be acceptable; such as to collect rental fee, or perhaps to show the property to a potential buyer. However, this rules is not followed in case of an emergency such as a fire.


Before letting the tenant begin his stay in the rental property, the landlord should facilitate a walk through, to inspect all areas within the rental property.

When the tenant hands his security deposit, the landlord should keep accurate accounting of this because it is a legal requirement. If the tenant decides to leave, the deposit will be handed back to the him unless there is a reason for the landlord to withhold part of the deposit.

Should the landlord feel that the tenant is violating any of the terms of the rental agreement, the landlord should send the tenant a written notice (a copy of this would be kept with him).

If the time comes when the landlord feels that it is important for him to evict the tenant, he should do so while following the laws and ordinances under this process. You can never lock out a tenant without following proper procedure, even if this tenant is behind his payments.

As a landlord, you should provide all your contact details in case of emergency.

As a tenant, do you have rights and responsibilities?

Paying rent is the most important responsibility of the tenant. Rent should always be paid on time and he should always keep the property clean and tidy; and if the unit includes a private yard, he is also responsible for maintaining this small portion of land.

Provided that the landlord gives at least a 24-hour notice, the tenant should allow the landlord to enter the rental property.

It is the responsibility of the tenant to check if smoke alarms, CO monitors and fire extinguishers are still functioning, for safety s sake.

All tenants should maintain healthy relationships with all tenants within the property.

If the tenant wishes to leave, he should give prior notice to the landlord before leaving the premises.

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