How To Make Cardio Fun

Submitted by: Mark Warrington

Making cardio fun may sound like pipe dream to most. Stay with me, though, and you will see something that makes perfect sense. And that’s coming from someone who used to be a total couch potato. For years, I went with zero exercise on a daily basis. Then I decided to get into shape, and the difference in the way I feel and the quality of life that I have now as compared to before, is like totally night and day.

First point is that you must make it fun. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be uncomfortable at times. It will be, especially if you’re out of shape. No doubt about that. The point is that the goal, or the end result if you will, is to end up with a lifestyle where working out and exercising is fun to you. That is the goal. keep that in mind. The physical discomfort is short-lived because after a few weeks, you will start to quickly get into a nice routine.

Here’s The Most Important Advice I Can Give You To Make It Fun

Here it is… start slow and light. Yes, that’s right. You want to start slow and light. Why? Because the number one reason people stop exercising or drop out of a workout routine is simply… physical pain, usually from an injury.


Get your ego out of the way, and maybe stop listening to your friends who might be trying to push your harder than necessary. Their intentions (and your intentions) are good, but the reality is that if you have been out of the gym for a long period of time, and you have not been exercising regularly for more than two or three months, you simply must start slow.

Start by walking at a moderate pace. Then over time consider a slow jog. Then after a few weeks, pick up the pace to a slow run. Then increase it from there. Once you see the incremental progress, something will go off in your brain, and you will become addicted to that great feeling.

And that is when it becomes fun!

It doesn’t matter if you’re working out at the gym or at home. The same safety rules apply. You must avoid injury at all costs.

An injury will cause a downward spiral effect because not only will you be unable to exercise until you are fully healed, but it might also leave you with a negative perception about exercise, and you want to avoid any and all “turn offs” you have associated with exercise.

In your mind, you want nothing but great feelings and memories linked to your exercise lifestyle. This will make sure that working out on a consistent basis remains a lifestyle for you, and not just a once-a-year resolution that dies after a few weeks.

So if you’re not already living the healthy, fit lifestyle you and your body deserve, think about starting today. Just remember what I just wrote for you here today, and start at your own pace.

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