Get Maximum From Search Marketing Be Holistic

Get Maximum From Search Marketing – Be Holistic



Digital marketing has done much benefit in advertising a company’s brand. An important tool of digital marketing is paid search which has been quite a hot tool for marketers for the past 5 years. According to a report of eMarketer companies’ spending on search will reach $11,422 this year. This statistics not only shows the intensity of competition but also the growth of digital marketing. Thus, while consulting an advertising agency for its digital marketing campaign, a company always focuses on paid search. However, in digital marketing much focus has been on keywords and little attention has been paid to covert the clicks. Moreover, click is the first phase of digital marketing and the second phase which is the actual phase is conversation.


Search marketing thus require a holistic view in which the two phases need to be given equal attention. It’s not enough for an advertising agency to launch an ad for the client, successful digital marketing requires a company to optimize the clicks and take holistic approach. Landing pages needs to be optimized and thus paid clicks should be followed through. Thus, consulting reliable agencies is important in this era of competition.

There are certain ways to address this issue. By following certain tips you can make your digital marketing campaign an instant hit. Therefore, while consulting a marketing agency for your brand, make sure that you discuss the followings aspects.

First of all it is essential to create collaboration between the company who is optimizing the landing pages and the one who is responsible for the search campaign. Whether these activities are carried by accompany, a team member or a vendor, it is important to develop collaboration between them. Moreover, the speed of search and conversation should be matched. The real beauty of digital marketing is that a company can launch its ad and update it at the same time. Also, make sure that you optimize conversation within your company as well in order to make sure that the process of creating and updating landing pages is smooth. While designing digital marketing campaign, make sure that you include landing page test with each ad. The test page should be included including its messaging and call to action.

It is also important to include important metrics of the landing page. Key metrics include const per acquisition, bounce rates, conversation rates and overall engagement. This will help tracking the success of your digital marketing efforts.

These were few guidelines to ensure the success of your digital marketing. In today’s era, a company needs to make best out of all the available tools of digital marketing. The bottom line remains the same – how you convert the clicks matters and determine the success of your digital marketing campaign.

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