Designer Radiators Beauty And Warmth For Your Home

Designer radiators beauty and warmth for your home


Emma McCann

When you fit central heating, the radiators are usually chosen for function rather than beauty. Hidden behind furniture or enclosed inside a cabinet, they don t normally get much attention unless they need bleeding. However, there is a growing trend towards buying designer radiators either as a standalone feature, or as a theme throughout the house.

The one thing that puts people off buying designer radiators is the cost. However, today they are no longer restricted to chic design studios. Home improvement stores, like us at Wickes DIY, have brought designer radiators down to an affordable price many are no more expensive than standard radiators bought elsewhere.

There are other bonuses too. For example, many designer radiators are incompatible with existing heating systems. At Wickes DIY, you can be sure the radiators you are buying are fully compatible with regular heating system components, meaning you can create a striking effect in just one or two rooms, without compromising on heating performance in any way.


When people think of designer radiators, they have an image of sleek sophistication in aluminium or chrome. This style first became popular during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s, and many modern radiators are based on these early, revolutionary design concepts. If you love the jazz age, but live in a home with contemporary furnishings, sleek chrome radiators are one way of combining the two concepts.

If you prefer a more traditional look, there are plenty of designer radiators that copy the style of Edwardian and pre-war cast iron multi-column units, but without the weight or inefficiency. Period radiators can be teamed with matching fittings, and are supplied ready-painted, or primed so you can paint them to match your d cor. We at Wickes DIY have both contemporary and antique-style radiators in a range of stunning effects, including distressed copper, silver and gunmetal finishes.

When choosing modern radiators, there is no limit to the size and styles available. As well as retro horizontal and vertical slimline mono-column units, there are wave, ladder, cube fence and flat-column designs. There are long, slim vertical radiators designed to fit tall narrow spaces, and low-level, stretched horizontal plinths which can be positioned under deep windows.

As they create a room feature, there is no limit to where designer radiators can be placed or at what height. Nowhere is this demonstrated better than with the stunning Focal radiators, which are designed to be hung like artworks. As the name suggests, these create a stunning focal point to the room as well as welcome, mid-height warmth.

If we at Wickes DIY had to select just one room for a design makeover, we d choose the bathroom. There is an amazing choice of designer radiators that also function as towel rails. Some have an integral electric element, meaning you can warm the bathroom when the heating is off. Innovative styles include looped ladder, multi-column, sail, spring, and Sofia models. The latter is a masterpiece of design, incorporating the latest heat tube technology with an innovative swivelling feature that allows the radiator to sit flush against the wall, or pivot outwards on a series of chrome arms.

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