Common Pool Equipment Problems

In order to have properly functioning pool equipment, you must develop and adhere to a routine schedule of equipment maintenance. If a pump or motor fails, a certified pool professional should be called to perform the necessary repairs. Most pump and motor problems develop the same types of problems. This article will cover some of the more common problems a pool owner may encounter.

All mechanical equipment requires routine maintenance in order to properly function. In the case of pool and hot tub equipment, if you don’t take proper care of it, the result is a pool or hot tub that becomes unsanitary and unsafe for use. If the equipment is neglected for a long enough period of time, it may be necessary to replace the equipment altogether by a certified and spa pool operator.

A few of the more common problems associated with neglected pool equipment are impeller damage from water supply debris, poorly lubricated moving parts, fittings and valve stems that have frozen in position or were originally over tightened, incorrectly calibrated voltage, decayed or rusted electrical wiring, and poorly configured piping supplies that result in constricted water flow and subsequent damage to the water pump.

If your pool pump motor fails there are a few obvious things you should check before calling a professional pool service company. The electrical power supply that feeds the pump should be checked first see if the power switch is in the off position. Secondly, check the electrical breaker to see if it is turned off or if the circuit breaker is blown. This may seem obvious but people will often forget to check these simple things. Another thing that should be checked is the operating timer on your pump – if the pumps timer is set for 4am and you are attempting to test the pump at 10 am the pump will not run! If you want to test your pool pump outside of the time frame designated by your timer, you’ll need to either reset the timer to zero or bypass the timer altogether in order to manually test your pump. If your pump is failing to operate and you’ve checked the above mentioned items and you still can’t get your pump to run, it might be time to call in a professional pool service company.

A pool motor that makes excessive noise is a not a good sign – there are a number of problems that could be occurring such as the centrifugal switch spring could have failed and will need to be replaced. Another noise maker is when the motor’s bearings are beginning to wear; failure to replace worn bearings can result in seized motor. Is your motor failing to start altogether? That could simply mean you need to replace the starter. Excessive motor noise could also be from rust, excessive wear of the motor, or lack of lubrication. Most of these problems can be easily avoided with routine pool equipment maintenance. If you ignore these problems for long enough, you will eventually be forced to replace the equipment altogether and that can be a costly endeavor.

If any of the above is occurring to your hot tub or pool equipment, you should contact a professional pool maintenance company. By contacting a professional, you will inevitably save yourself time, money, and aggravation. Professional pool companies can quickly diagnose your equipment problems and potentially prevent additional problems from occurring.

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