Bariatric Surgery: There Is A Better Option

Submitted by: Dexter Tenison

A Memphis boot camp surely can help you get in shape and get there quickly. But, some may be considering bariatric surgery as weight loss option. This might not be the wisest decision to make since it may be completely and totally unnecessary for most people. It also is hardly a weight loss strategy as much as it is a medical alteration of the body that yields only a 30% success rate. Additionally, when you look at the risks of such a surgery, a Memphis fitness boot camp becomes a much better plan of action.

Yet many will look towards undergoing the surgery as opposed to exploring options with personal training in Memphis. Why is this so?


No one likes to be overweight or out of shape. There are many problems and issues with being out of shape and suffering from obesity. In addition to problems associated with the negative impact on physical appearance, there are scores of health problems with being overweight. This is why so many wish to lose weight and lose it FAST. Now, while it is understandable that a person would want to drop weight, you can only lose weight naturally within a certain time frame. This is true unless you wish to undergo bariatric weight loss surgery. This could prove to be a disastrous decision, however, as there may be scores of problems associated with the surgery. Honestly, you may wish to look towards something more along the lines of Memphis personal training as opposed to seeking a surgical solution because you will have to exercise and eat better if you have the surgery or if you choose to lose it the correct way.

While it may seem a surgery like this is a viable alternative to a boot camp in Memphis, the truth of the matter is there are scores of frightening complications that are possible after undergoing the surgery. In particular, you may experience blood clots, malnutrition, gastric juice spillage, and the potentially fatal problem of peritonitis. With such risks involved, it may be wise to look elsewhere for a more reliable and legitimate program for losing weight. This is where personal training in Memphis can prove to be a much better option. In fact, it could also prove to be a far safer process.

One thing that needs to be realized about a surgical procedure is that it teaches you nothing about health, wellness, or getting into decent shape. The subject of nutrition and exercise certainly are not touched upon in more than a cursory manner when discussing bariatric surgery with a physician. Does not learning about the steps for improving your health and wellness seem like a much wiser strategy for losing weight? Memphis personal training may very well be the much better plan of action to follow. Diet, exercise, and enhanced fitness can deliver complete and total solutions to the problem of obesity. There is no reason to undergo dangerous and risky surgeries.

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