7 Hot Marketing Tips For Getting Quick Rapport Using Video Marketing

7 Hot Marketing Tips For Getting Quick Rapport Using Video Marketing


Ileana Kane

It’s always been the personal touch that counts. If you’re wanting to grow a sustainable small business, creating relationship is paramount to consistently growing your small business. Using video marketing is another way to start creating relationship.

So let’s think about how you can open the door to a better connection and build instant rapport with these 6 video marketing tips.

Video Marketing Tip 1: Raving Fan Success Stories

Nothing is more compelling than seeing and hearing your clients personally express the benefits and value of working with you. There is nothing more powerful than your clients explaining, in their own words, how you added great value to their lives. It’s a great way to pump up your success stories.


Video Marketing Tip 2: Use Video As A Greeting On Your Web Page

Whether you have a full web site or a landing page welcome your visitor with a personal warm greeting. You’ll establish a connection right away. In addition, you can create a more powerful call to action.

Video Marketing Tip 3: Share Part Of You With An Interview.

Grab a friend or business associate and have them record you in a quick dynamic interview. This also works well if you want to sit and interview an expert. You can post the whole interview or quick clips of the interview on your web site, blog or upload to YouTube.com. A good format to follow is the Problem, Solution, Benefit format.

Video Marketing Tip 4: Create A Series Of Video Lessons

Using video marketing is a hot way that you can easily teach prospects and clients about the services and products you offer. Make sure you educate with great information and don’t get salesy.

Video Marketing Tip 5: Send Out A Link To Your Video In Your Ezine

It’ll liven up what you have to share with your clients and customers. It’s a great way to engage and keep the attention of your subscribers. They’ll feel like you are right there with them in their own home.

Video Marketing Tip 6: Use Video When Doing A Press Release

The use of video this way is a richer and more engaging way to tell your story.

Video Marketing Tip 7: Make Use Of Viral Video

This is a fun fast entertaining way to promote your brand and pass along value at the same time. Resist the temptation to be blatant by using educational marketing.

Video marketing can be a fun fast way to create instant rapport and set your business and yourself apart from all the others. Once you start using video marketing, you’ll have a lot of fun with it. To keep everything very simple, I love using the Flip Video HP. It’s so simple even I can use it with good success. Animoto.com is a terrific tool for adding pizzazz to your video. In addition, of course placing the video on your blog and YouTube.com are great first steps to letting people know about you and your business. Video marketing can be very simple, inexpensive and give big impact to your small business marketing.

Remember it’s getting that personal connection with your prospect and clients that really counts in your small business marketing efforts. Take a quick minute right now to schedule video marketing in your calendar. It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll make. Not to mention your business will love you for it!

With this simple fun fast way to create quick rapport and connection with your prospects and clients, you’ll be able to get more high paying clients, make more money and enjoy more freedom in your small business.

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