March, 2017

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Read More About: Art Gallery Online Australia Art Exhibitions And Galleries Brisbane Submitted by: Jennifer Cheek Question: 1 When you design a customer network that is composed only of a pure Layer 2 switch and a router, which feature should you enable to support communication among VLANs? A. VLANs cannot communicate when only a router […]

2007 Taipei International Travel Fair: Taiwanese government promote premiums on tourism industry

Saturday, December 15, 2007 2007 Taipei International Travel Fair (Taipei ITF), supported by governments with new premiums promoted by Executive Yuan in the future, started with a great new scale at December 14 to 17. In the opening morning yesterday, governmental people and ambassadors from several countries including Taiwan successively visited this show. The show […]


This is the category for art. Avoid placing articles in this category. They should be either in a subcategory or in Category:Culture and entertainment. Refresh this list to see the latest articles. 18 January 2017: Rape-accused Russian political artist Pyotr Pavlensky to seek asylum in France 2 January 2017: Tyrus Wong, Bambi artist, dies at […]

Mayfield Exposed! highlights artworks of Brampton high school students

Saturday, September 23, 2006 Now on display at the Fridge Front Gallery in Shoppers World is “Mayfield Exposed!”, an exhibit of artworks by high school students. Eighteen students in Mayfield School of the Arts’ Visual Arts program participated, from grades nine, ten, and eleven. The exhibit was organized by Stephanie Hagendorn and Paulina Su, both […]

Gunman opens fire at Missouri city council meeting

Friday, February 8, 2008 On Thursday, a local man known for his outbursts and disruptive behavior with city officials killed five people at a city council meeting in City of Kirkwood, Missouri, United States. During the melee, he was shot dead by police. Among those killed were Councilwoman Connie Carr, two police officers and two […]

Local government officials confiscate London ice cream made from human breast milk for health reasons

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Local British councillors have reported that they have seized ice cream made from the breast milk of human beings that had been placed on sale in a shop located in London, England, United Kingdom. Officials cited concerns relating to health and safety. A Westminster City Council spokeswoman explained that two complaints […]

Sir Ibrahim Rahimtullah}

Sir Ibrahim Rahimtullah by Ibrahim Machiwala Period: (1862-1942) Ibrahim Rahimtullah was a son of Rahmatullah Kadar, a well-known merchant in Bombay. Sir Ibrahim Rahimtullah was born in Bombay on May, 1862 in a family having no political tradition. He took his education in Elphinstone High School. He was a diligent student and showed particular aptitude […]

2007 ING Taipei Marathon warming up competition goes to Kaohsiung

Monday, September 17, 2007 On Saturday of September 15, ING Taipei Marathon South Taiwan Warming Up Competition goes to Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, not only 1615 professional runners but also international runners from Canada, Japan, UK, USA, Germany, and Ireland participated this event. And event organizer Chinese Taipei Road Running Association (CTRRA) presented limited […]

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Read More About: Medical Centre Northern Beaches Doctor Northern Beaches Submitted by: Safesasa Genericas Cancer is not a disease, it is a fear and everyone is scare to face it. The cells inducing cancer in a human body spread faster than anticipated. There is hardly any medication that has been invented to spread these cancer […]

Doctor Who returns as UK Saturday night timeslot lord

Sunday, March 27, 2005 After almost a decade off the air, the science fiction television series Doctor Who returned with new episodes to BBC airwaves on Saturday night, drawing a large audience. Starring movie actor Christopher Eccleston, the ninth actor cast to play the Doctor, as the newly reincarnated Time Lord, the new series showed […]